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5 septembre 2011 1 05 /09 /septembre /2011 22:38

Philosophy in the boudoir, Marquis de Sade

Can we say that The Philosophy in the Boudoir is a knowledge that democratizes itself, a successful upbringing, a happy ending book ? Certainly, the third dialogue begins with a pleasant licentious talk in a « delicious boudoir », but it is already put forward what is an impediment to pleasure : virtue, religious devotion, charitable organizations. Sade hates cruelty « born from stupidity ». For example, he states with horror the torture that the French revolutionaries subjected Mademoiselle de Lamballe : to have her bosoms cut off and her vulva sliced which served as a moustache to one of them, under the laughers of the crowd. Now, precisely, Mademoiselle de Lamballe was with Marie-Antoinette, the founder of the Maternal Charity Society ( that still exists nowadays ).And the Philosophy in the Boudoir, makes of the mother of Eugenie, Madame de Mistival, which will be « sewn » at the end, a member of that charitable institution. Therefore one can see all the ambiguousness of the writings of the Marquis de Sade who, during the French Revolution, was liberated from prison in 1790, after the abolition of the orders under the king’s private seal, and made « republican speeches » at the « Pike Section » (at what became the « Place Vendôme » in Paris ) in praise of the fanatic Marat, with tremendous applause.

Keyword : licentious talk, delicious boudoir, impediment to pleasure, cruelty, torture, bosoms, vulva, sewn sex, infibulation, orders under the King’s private seal.

Key names : Sade, Mademoiselle de Lamballe, Marie-Antoinette, Marat.

Key works : the Philosophy in the Boudoir.

Revolutionary Institution : the Pike Section.

Please note that the American edition translates the Philosophy in the Boudoir by the Philosophy in the Bedroom, but the bedroom is not the boudoir ! A boudoir is a small room where specially licentious things can take place !

Patrice Tardieu, writer, commentator and translator.

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