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12 septembre 2011 1 12 /09 /septembre /2011 23:37

Maurice Blanchot and the Marquis de Sade

I think that between the numerous commentators of Sade, Maurice Blanchot is the one that best described that hegelian dialectic in his work, Lautréamont and Sade, to which he adds a nietzschean touch. He starts with a thesis defended by the character Saint-Fond in the Story of Juliette to show the ascending steps of Sade in the Spirit of negation : « It is evident, says Blanchot, that this conception of an infernal God is only a moment in that dialectic by which the superhuman hero of Sade [the one that will have to sustain a sort of joy, of refined cruelty], after having denied man in the name of God, goes to encounter God and will deny him in the name of Nature, to finally deny Nature which will be identified as the Spirit of negation itself ». And he explains : « this Spirit of negation, rising to an infinite self consciousness, cannot but turn itself against the assertion of that absolute existence, only object that can be capable of a infinite negation ».

Key word

: hegelian dialectic, nietzschean touch, conception of an infernal God, the superhuman hero of Sade, to sustain a sort of joy, refined cruelty, denial of man in the name of God, denial of God in the name of Nature, denial of Nature by the Spirit of negation, negation becomes infinite.

Key names

: Sade, Maurice Blanchot, Hegel, Nietzsche.

Key works : Lautréamont and Sade, Story of Juliette.

Patrice Tardieu, writer and translator of this text.

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